Fans of SciFi Channel's Farscape Rally 'Round Their Favorite Show

Word of SciFi's decision to cancel Farscape rocked internet chatrooms Friday evening a week ago. Just last year, SciFi's press releases proclaimed "Farscape is the cornerstone of our original series line-up, helping SCI FI to continue attracting new audiences" and "SCI FI'S ultimate weapon." Websites, chatrooms, and mailing lists began an immediate mobilization of 'Scapers-dedicated Farscape fans.

A week later, and the SciFi Channel Headquarters has been deluged with calls, faxes, telegrams, emails, and even a protest. Several fans in the chatroom where series producer, David Kemper, announced the bad news realized Wednesday that they all lived in the metro Atlanta area. An idea was born. Three of those fans who had never previously met, had lunch an hour later and began discussing what Atlanta Farscape fans could do to help the show. Lisa Webster was convinced from the beginning that Atlanta fans had an advantage in the form of CNN which makes its home in downtown Atlanta. "I had a feeling that if Farscape fans could get national attention quickly, then the SciFi Channel would sit up and notice."

Before their plan even got off the ground, CNN's Headline News Channel began to mention the Save Farscape campaign in their Hot Wired segment. Reporter Renay San Miguel responded to the flood of emails 'Scapers sent out and investigated the internet's potential impact on television programming decisions. His HLN pieces served to bring even more fans to the internet bulletin boards and chat rooms asking, "Why? What? How? And, what can we do?"

Thursday evening Lisa and several of her new online friends decided to commit to going to CNN. They contacted several websites, and had instantaneous responses from dozens of people. Within 24 hours of first posting notice, there were already fans willing to drive to downtown Atlanta from all over the Southeast. People will rally at noon in Centennial Park if it's sunny. If it's raining, the rally will move indoors. Rain won't stop the deluge of protestors from as far away as Daytona Beach, FL and Nashville, TN.

Several media outlets have expressed interest in this rally. For more information about the Atlanta Save Farscape rally, please contact Lisa Webster via Information about the simultaneous West Coast rally can be obtained by emailing The website is a clearinghouse for all Save Farscape campaign information.

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