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Ali G on HBO at 12:30am Friday nights (Sat. morning)

Welcome to the photo gallery for
Tim & Lisa's Ali G Premiere Party!
Because we all love Ali G, we gathered to
celebrate the launch of his series on HBO.
It debuted on 2/20/2003 at 12:30 am...
Needless to say we had to watch it again the
next day so that we remember it!

Empress Jessica
Empress Jessica has arrived! Her loyal subjects had her required Fritos and sour cream on hand.

Jessica & Lisa
Jessica with her loyal subject and host, Lisa

Travis & Nicole
Travis & Nicole at the bar.

Kermit in the kitchen

Beth, Jess, & Ean
Beth, Jess, and Ean watching tv

Ean & Kath
Ean & Kath snuggled on the couch

Tim & AJ
Tim & AJ playing pool

Empress AJ
AJ, having stolen Jessica's tiara, has declared himself Empress

Jessica will reclaim her tiara
Rightful Empress Jessica will reclaim her tiara if she is successful at throwing these sharp pointy things into a board (she really wants to throw them at AJ)

Empress AJ with Lisa & Travis
Empress AJ poses for publicity photos with Lisa & Travis

Jess wants to kick AJ's ass
Empress Jessica, having failed at darts, thinks kicking AJ's ass is the next step

A new solution is found
Loyal subject Travis suggests that the Empress drink something called a "Killer Bee" to show her imminent worthiness for the tiara

Jess reclaims her tiara
Empress Jessica is crowned by the imposter Empress AJ who has realized the error of his ways

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